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View from Te Puna Quarry Park

The Bay of Plenty really does live up to its Tourism tagline of Plenty for Everyone! I have two small children and have been on a mission to find cool and interesting things for us to do as a family, on a budget, preferably FREE!

There are so many natural resources here to explore and we are slowing working our way through them.  One of our favourite places is the Te Puna Quarry Park.  If you are local and haven’t been there yet than shame on you! It is an old rock quarry that has been converted in to a park full of beautiful flowers, natives and artistic sculptures of shapes and sizes. Every time we go there we find something new hiding within the flora and fauna of the park.

There are many different paths to walk through mixed with waterfalls, ponds, picnic tables and bench seats to soak up the amazing views over the Minden and out across to the Islands.

My kids favourite has to be the Dragon and slide at the base by the lunchroom and picnic area. They can spend what seems like hours in this one spot getting lost in their imagination of Dragon wars and princesses.te-puna

The park is run by the local Te Puna Quarry Park Society and they ask for a small gold coin donation to help support maintenance and development. They also run various events out there and there is an amphitheatre where small plays are often held.

Band in the Park

Band in the Park

I must also add that comfortable clothing and walking shoes are best work for this visit.  There are some steep tracks to walk but its all worth it.  I promise!

Next time you are looking for something to do with the kids head on over to Te Puna Quarry Park 108 Te Puna Quarry Road, Tauranga.

H 🙂

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Looking for somewhere to take the whole family for a kai (feed)? Then head along to the Sol Cafe on Maunganui Road in the Mount, Tauranga.  It is one of my favourite places to eat after a hard paddle or if I’m in need of some down to earth real food. It’s also a pretty chilled out and inexpensive place to eat. The Bacon and Eggs on toast for $8.90 is my favourite and the coffee is pretty good too.

The service can be a little slow but they are super friendly and for the price and quality of food you can’t really complain. So next time you are in the Mount looking for some decent food go and check out Sol Cafe.


Another of my favourite places is Pronto at the Mount. They are based on the main beach under the twin towers at Mount Maunganui. If you are after another step up then this is the place for you. Again perfect after a nice surf at the main or after one of the summer beach volleyball games, or just if you are hungry! I love their Naked chicken burgers.  Again a pretty reasonable price and the taste is just off the charts! another cool thing is their coffee art.  You have to check it out.  You never know what you might get.  Depends on the mood of the barrister.  It is a family run business by sisters Fee and Kate. They are super friendly and really go out of their way to make sure your food and dining experience is a good one. I even had my hubby take me there for my birthday dinner I love it that much! just a warning, they get pretty busy in the summer so there can sometimes be a bit of a wait. But trust me, its worth waiting for!

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