Here is the key to finding your purpose. It really is this simple.

Are you still searching for your purpose in life?  Feeling like you are just going through the motions of day to day life and really want to find your purpose so you can wake up feeling energised to be?

Please read on.  What I am about to share with you is pretty simple and it was a total hallelujah moment for me.

Seriously, imagine goosebumps, angels singing, butterflies everywhere, got the picture?

This is how it started, I had been on my mission to find my passion and purpose in life because I felt like there was so much more to life than what I was currently experiencing.  I did the usual that anyone in my stage of their journey would and brought a stack of self help books, enrolled in a couple of online courses, surfed a lot, went to inspirational workshops and seminars, and then read some more.

In one of the courses I did i had to do a vision board.  It was huge because I like to dream big.  It’s what I always taught my students to do.

I was doing well shredding bad habits and replacing them with healthy ones and getting some good routine and consistency going.  I was starting to feel excited again.

And then four days out from my big paddle event I had been training for, while at the gym I completely ruptured (tore) my achilles tendon.

You would think I would be beside myself (especially when my trainer said to me “you got a good change of gold at this event huh”) but I wasn’t.   I was surprisingly cool, calm and collected. I had been working on being more present you see so when this happened I immediately surrendered to what was going on and it gave me the head space to do what I needed to do with clarity.   Without panicking I managed to organise the proper care I needed and a good team around of professionals to sort my rehab.

In the couple of days following my injury I had my race I had been preparing for.  Many thought I would not do it but something deep inside me was telling me I could.   I felt strong and invincible.  I was lying on my couch and looked up at my vision board that I had brought out to the living room to remind me of my dreams.  Right in the centre of my board I had glued a pair of eyes and surrounding them I had the words time, shine, evidence and courage.


That was when it hit me. All this time I had been searching elsewhere, externally for my purpose when what I needed to do was look within, at me.  I knew right away I was the key, who I am and choose to show up as daily.  I knew it was time to step forward into the light and shine.  The evidence was right there staring back at me, and seeing this gave me the courage to do so.


Give you perspective of my vision board.

Since then I have made it my priority to show up as me first and only me. Yes there have been challenges, but its all learning.  And its helped me to be more aware of where I spend my energy and what supports my growth as a human being across my whole wellbeing.   I now know what my purpose is and its most likely the same as yours, to show up daily as your true-self and speak your truth because when we do this it creates space for others to do the same and that is how we lift the wellness and healing of our world.  And I do this through living my passions of family, business, surfing, paddling, martial arts, rongoa maori, weaving,  because that is where my creativity shines and my energy grows and it helps me to be the best version of me so that I can help others to be their best.

When we do what we love we shine.

When we shine, time does not matter.

The evidence is all around you,

Have the courage to acknowledge it.

Since my enlightenment I started my business as a Mindset Trainer to help empower other women to find their success. If you have had an aha moment from reading this please go to my Facebook page and share it in the comments section. I love knowing if it has helped in anyway.

Thank you for being here, right now reading this. I really appreciate it.

Hiria x

Mindset Trainer for women in life and business



Some simple strategies for those days when you just don’t want to adult.

I’ve spent my entire adult life and a good chunk of my childhood battling good days and bad days.


I used to lie in bed till at least 12 o’clock on most days. I had got to a point where I just wasn’t functioning properly anymore and my business, family life and sanity were all paying for it.

There were days where I would wake up and feel like I was just on the wrong side of the bed, usually accompanied by a headache or more common for me (a migraine).

I remember the migraines were intense.  So much so I had to literally lock myself in the bedroom and pull the blinds for total blackout because the light would hurt my eyes and then my head.

I also remember I used to get these migraines after a full weekend away tutoring my students, or when a huge amount of energy was required of me.

I’d wake up, and tell myself its best I go back to bed or it will get worse.

It wasn’t until I realised what was happening. I was starting to see how frail I had become.  I was so out of whack physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually that I just could not function.

I remember how I used to feel and how I could just get up and go and was so fit and strong, and it just made me feel worse.

I knew I had to change something because what I was doing, was not working.

I had to sort my eating because that was pretty poor, mostly no brekkie, or I wouldn’t eat till 11am most days.  And then the rest of the day was pretty random too. By the time I was hungry I would grab the high carb sugary foods like cereals or toast and other processed foods to fill the gap.  That would only make me feel worse.

I also use to just sit in front of the TV all the time and got to know Dr Phil pretty well (lol).

Eventually that little soft-spoken voice inside got cloudier and I decided to do something because I couldn’t live like this.  I was always sick with migraines, colds, I got shingles, and my body was just breaking down with injuries.

I woke up one day and decided that today was the day to start new and reset.

I worked on getting rid of all the unhealthy habits I had settled with and replacing them with healthy ones.  Like eating food as close to its original form as possible, cutting our refined sugars, and no more processed foods (as much as possible).  I also cut out adding dressings because that’s where a lot of sugar likes to hide.

I made a point of focussing on my movements better and not just thrashing my body till it felt numb to escape the boring of my life and pain at the time. I started to enjoying what I was doing again got back out in the water.

I also did a lot of work on me, internally, the self-care stuff.  I never really got the “stare at yourself in the mirror” thing. It just never worked, until I had actually looked beyond the superficial. Once I realised my potential again, and the power I have when I set my heart to it, I just got goosebumps, and when I looked in the mirror again I saw something different in me, I looked brighter, my “eyes were up” and I felt love.  Sounds cheesy maybe but it’s exactly how it played out for me.

I started to use only positive words, and love when I spoke and this in turn changed my body language too and my posture.  I shifted the negative self talk that was controlling me and now I navigate from my heart as I was meant to.

But one of the key things I did and continue to do is #jfdi.  If there is something I need to do I get it done without thinking about it so hard because it’s that point where ego comes in with the negative mind chatter and then all of a sudden, back on the couch!


I used this with my headaches to and those days when I feel super tired and just can’t adult.  I ask myself “what am I resisting’ and then the answer will usually come and I realise it’s just me slipping back into old habits.  Within half an hour my headache disappears.

What I know for sure is that if we don’t deal with the emotions and feelings we have inside of us they present in our body physically so that we have to take notice.  So if we can take back control internally we can heal ourselves.  I still have days where I feel super tired and want to blob but that’s when I ask myself what am I feeling? And then I realise I have possibly been doing something that doesn’t sit right with me which is why I feel drained.  The awareness is the key to moving forward. Without that we are stuck.

A lovely woman I recently met said to me “its like a clear day and then there is that one dark cloud, it doesnt stay there forever, it moves on”.  So should we!


Bit of a long one this one.  I was going to do bullet points but as I started typing I felt I really needed to get this out.  Because I know there are others out there who are working on taking back control of their wellness too.  I hope this helps.

As always thank you for following my journey, with love,


Hiria X

When we take accountability for our own wellness, we improve the wellness of our whole community.

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Are you self sabotaging your success?

Hey babe,

Finally things are going right for you.

You have been showing up, laying down those bricks and making each step count.

So why are you feeling blah about it all?

There maybe more to it then you realise.

This could be a sign that you are sabotaging your own success!

The majority of us do this.

And its all from long held beliefs we have either been taught as a child or been conditioned by through society.

Lets take a look,

  • your morning routine starts to slip
  • Start saying things like, it’s ok I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • I will just have one ‘insert favourite treat’ usually turns into five!
  • find other things to do
  • start arguments with loved ones for no reason
  • you start second guessing yourself
  • the negative self talk has returned

If you are doing any of these it’s a sure sign that your ‘ego’ is out to get you.  You see the thing is, if we hold a belief about something strong enough there is no way we will let ourselves become that.  For example, what do you think when you think about rich people?  If you think, greedy, snobby, cut throat, nasty , there is no way you would want to become that so you will purposely sabotage what you do to avoid it.

And that brings us to the why, if you truly want to be successful at something you need to believe it, and also change your mindset around it and any old stories or beliefs attached to it. Sounds simple right?  Actually it is, you just need to start, and its that daily consistent action that will get you there.  But you need to keep on keeping on with it!



I can help you to take back control of your wellness and start smashing your goals out of the park.  Drop me an email and lets get the ball rolling!

So let’s get started babe!

Hiria x

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How to lose weight: energy in should be less than energy out?

I bet you have heard that one before right? To lose weight you have to make sure energy input is less than your energy output.

If only it were that simple.

You have finally made the decision that you will fully commit to your health and fitness goals.
You cut out sugar
You cut out fat,
You cut out alcohol,
All your fave foods and decide to live off salads and beans perhaps?
You actually been doing really well and being strict on yourself.
Your will power is pumping.
And then a month in something happens at work that really pisses you off,
Or someone in the family has come down with a really bad sickness
And you just feel tired, maybe a bit overwhelmed and then all of a sudden you haven’t just eaten one piece of chocolate, you ate the whole bar along with the tub of ice cream!
You see, there is a lot more to it than just the food intake and energy output.
To make your efforts lasting you need to make sure you are looking at what your current habits are, and what triggers them.

Deal with the bigger picture stuff.
Stop avoiding it or it will always come back and bite you harder.
Get clear on where you want to head and why and then put in place daily healthy habits to make it happen!
Seriously though, if you are ready to tackle your fears and make some real lasting change then drop me a PM and let’s talk x.


Hiria x



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“When we take accountability for our own wellness, we improve the wellness of our whole community”.




My top 10 Healthy Habits that will change your world


It’s all about me, when I realised this my world changed for the better.

Some call it being selfish but is it really? How the heck is looking after your own health first so that you can take care of others selfish?

And, when we do this it give other people the permission to do the same.

And the result of that?

A healthier community.

Damn straight!

I believe 100% that when we start take accountability for our own wellness, the wellness of our tribe, community improves and that has got to be a good thing.

Another thing I believe is that we make ‘life’ to hard for ourselves by over thinking and analysing. Trying to understand why all the time when sometimes we should just let go.

Seriously, just because you can’t see something does it mean it’s not there?

You can feel it, maybe even hear it, so why continue to discount it because your eyes do not physically see it.

I’ve taken accountability for my own wellness by simplifying my life, removing habits that hold me back and putting in place healthy habits.  Here are a few healthy habits I would like to share with you.

  1. Put yourself first (you didn’t think you would get away with not doing this did you?) it’s easier than you think.  Start off with small steps like making sure you have breakfast first before you do anything else for anyone else. and before you complain about time, I have four kids! I know all about time. No more excuses, you just have to do it!
  2. Practice courage – try stretching your com for zone each day by doing something small.  It helps to build confidence.
  3. Get connected – with things, people, places that light you up.
  4. Have an attitude of gratitude. I used to think the whole gratitude thing was a waste of time but it does help when you have those blah days.  It shows you all the greatness that surrounds you and actually helps to clear out negative space in your head.
  5. Have some goals! If you don’t know where you are going how on earth are you going to get there? This is probably the biggest key in making sure you live life with intent and not getting caught up bobbing along on the tides of life like a piece of driftwood.
  6. Create some mantra’s – these are my favourite things to do and I use them religiously in my training and day-to-day life.  I’ve gone as far as printing them out on a poster and putting next to my bed, to doing printed tees!
  7. Breathe – focus in on your breath, is it fast or slow? Most often than not when you are a wee bit stressed or tensed your breathing will be rapid. Bring yourself back into your body with some nice deep slow breathes all the way in and all the way out.
  8. Refuel – when we start to feel blah it is sometimes because we are burning the candle at both ends and not taking time to refuel. You either need to eat, or hydrate but make sure it is once healthy food.  Don’t wait till you are super tired and reach for the sugary foods, this will only make you feel worse.
  9. Shred the mind chatter – we have become to concerned with thinking and shifted away from all our other senses and parts that make us a whole. We are more than just our minds. Practice trying to catch yourself ‘thinking’ and what you are saying in your mind.  Listen for the language that is being used. And the emotions it starts to bring up for you.  Being aware of your mind chatter is an incredible strength to have and brine you a step closer to what it is you are inevitable searching for in life.  e.g. when you are training and you are starting to tire, your mind starts to wander, or say things like “I can’t do this” listen, watch and then decide if you will listen, or lean back and let it go. You will be surprised at what starts to happen for you with this practice.
  10. Journal – this healthy habit has really helped change my life for the better. And its intentional , not a dear diary style like when you were a kid. I use a journal in business and also in my training. It helps me to process my thoughts and make space in my head. It also helps me to ensure I stay in the flow with my intuition meaning I stick to what works for me first.

Incase you have forgotten what I do;

I am your PT for the mind! I believe when you take accountability for your own wellness it improves the wellness of the whole community. I help you to actually ‘do’ the do by shredding any habits that hold you back and replacing them with good habits and routines.

Need to work out how to get from A to B? Book in now and we will analyse your habits together and get some clarity on how to move forward.

As always, I am thankful to you for following my journey and hope that you do find it useful.  If you’ve had an “aha moment” from any of these blogs or you just want to tell me more about your business and dreams, I’d love to hear from you. Connect with me here,

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in love and light,

Hiria x

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At the mercy of the elements – a lesson in courage


In my element, nek minnit

That’s me in the rudderless canoe, bright PFD in front.

I chose to do rudderless knowing what I was in for.

32km coast run of side wind, with a small 1m swell running in to the beach.

I never entered to be competitive.

I accepted it would be a challenge with myself more than anything, and that’s what I was up for.

I’m still in recovery from my achilies tendon rupture and one year back from having my baby.

My start was fabulous and I made good ground very quickly, darting in out of the rocks and making the most of the backwash, reverb of rocks.

Once I hit the open water and the side wind it was on!

I snuck in close to the beach to try and get on any bumps I could knowing that if I followed the pack out wide I’d get stuck in the wind.

About half way along (15kms) I got cramp in my injured foot, which transferred right up my leg to my hip.

I figured I had come this far and I wasn’t about to give up.

There were moments of OMG what the heck am I doing,

To pep talks of “make every stroke count” when I could actually get a stroke in.

I looked to my left where all the ruddered canoes had gone and figured they would be having it tough too (those who are new to surfing) in these conditions so carry on.

I managed to find some relief in moments of runs where I was able to connect a few glides here and there until I got pushed in to the beach.

Also got escorted by a few friendly blokes in grey suits which made me ensure I stayed upright!

Finally I saw the finish line about 5km out and I tell you it felt like the longest blimmin 5kms ever!

I came in and felt not too bad. Like I had plenty more to give.

Although it was tough, mentally I enjoyed the learning I got from it and am stoked at my mental toughness to persevere and hold focus.
I realised that I had a choice, to moan about the conditions and canoe in my head, or get on with it and make every stroke count (as much as possible).

I now head forward with even more determination, confidence and courage.

If there is a situation you have hit and are struggling with, you need have a choice.

Make the decision and just do it! Think about it too long and you will always talk yourself out of it, trust me, I know.

Hiria x

#jfdi #courage #mindset


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Dark holes, shadows and butterflies… My year in review.

I thought I would jump on the band wagon and do a review of my year and wow!

Flicking through all the pics in my Facebook feed has been amazing.

It’s an instant measure of the tides of life for sure and how I have handled them.

Right now in this moment I am so grateful for all of them.  Because if I hadn’t of had those trials I would not be where I am today.

It’s funny, you hear people who are successful talk about that often but you just don’t get it till it happens to you.

And this is the biggest lesson I have learned to date.  Is to stop trying to please EVERYONE, and focus on my tribe, my collective of awesomeness.


A year ago I was in such a dark place, one where I struggle to see the light. And couldn’t be bothered to see it.  I felt so stretched, so thin that i had no more to give and I would lie in bed, till later arvo.

I knew it was bad when I was in that space.  Emotionless, I felt invisible.

I couldn’t eat, didn’t want to eat. I struggled to feel anything for my kids, my husband, my friends and totally shut the outdoors out.

There wasn’t much thought, just darkness. A heavy haze, over my heart and fogginess in my mind.

I would flip out at the smallest things. Still trying to maintain my lifestyle outside of home, and then retreat indoors back to my hole.

I would feel guilt, for my babies because of how I would react, or too tired to play and not be interested in anything.  And then guilt for my husband for putting up with me.

I would often wish I would go to sleep and not wake in the morning, feeling it would be better for everyone.  And there had been moments where I acted on that too.

Thankfully, with the love of my husband and kids I was able to pull through.

But not before I pulled myself out of the hole. I always felt deep down inside, and heard a voice actually (because there are two voices) that told me only I could do this.  Not to rely on anyone else. It had to be me. It’s the only way.

I was at the point where I was sos tired of being tired, feeling crazy and feeling like there was so much more that I made the CHOICE.

I woke up, and started to work on my strengths.  I got out all the evidence i had around me of things that helped me feel better and worked on them.

I started paying attention to me (because for years I had not been). I started to take care of myself better, my total well-being.

I enlisted the help of a business coach, an intuitive one and that helped me personally as well.  Because lets face it, being in business is just the best type of personal development course there is.

I started to surround self with positive people, authentic people.

And I started to journal, not like when in school with the Dear Diary styles but focussed, business writing.  By golly gosh has it helped.

Everything I write and post is my truth. I write it for me.  But i have come to know that if i need it, then others probably do too.

Within only a few months I started to notice the difference and felt like I had never felt.  so much happiness and I got my passion back for mu business and life.

Then it happened, I tore my achilies tendon four days out from one of the biggest paddle events I had been training for and was in the running for doing really well at.

I can hear you now, thinking, OMG you poor thing.  And that’s exactly how the majority reacted.  Except for one close friend of mine, and my husband.

They stuck by me, and believed in me.  Because they know what I am capable of, and stubborn.

I decided to paddle, and damn did it freak some people out! The weather was crazy with a 2 metre swell running.  I tell you, I had never felt so strong and focused in my life.  I got out there and just paddled as best I could, passing paddlers, and even guys whose eyes looked as big as saucers from the swell running.

I managed to pull in a third place and made the podium with a Bronze medal!

Since then my life has really taken off!


I have been working on my recovery and my injury gave me the space to work on some much-needed personal baggage. I have since been shredding all that does not serve me including people, places and things.  It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

And this feeling of joy, is surreal.  In the past it would wear off but this time around it jut keeps growing.

I have learned to love myself again and make sure that I put myself at the centre.  All activities i do must support my whole wellbeing, because lets face it. at the end of the day we all just want freedom and true freedom is total-wellbing.

Since I started all the strategies I have used to get back on track i haven’t once felt like I did, like the hole was still there…

As I began to come out of the darkness I began to dream vivid dreams of sea life. I am a water person and have always enjoyed surfing as my ‘escape’ or meditation. I also started to notice a lot of butterflies around the place, and even inside the house.

It’s quite fitting considering the transformation they go through, and I really feel the like I have been through.

I see the world with so much more colour now and its unreal! I have accepted my purpose in life and feel I have learned the keys to life, now its just a matter of practicing them daily so that I am more conscious more often.

I have achieved some really huge milestones from my vision board and one of them is the start of my own personal business as a mindset Trainer.  It really warms me up to speak my truth and know that it helps other women who are ready to step up and shine bright too. I know that by each of us doing so it adds more light and love to the world and we could definitely do with more of that!

Initially I started working under the banner of Soulwater, which began as my alter ego if you followed me in earlier blogs you will know. But it didn’t quite fit with me because Soulwater was always about my journey, through depression. To honour my own journey I have decided that all future retreats I run I will put a portion of the fee towards a charity for depression and suicide. I struggled with the system and slipped through the cracks but also felt like people tried to box me in, and that is the last thing you should be trying to do with someone who suffered from depression.

I am always learning, and growing, and totally loving it!

I wish for every woman, every man out there who has been to that place to not give up. To keep on. Because you are needed in this world.  You might not know what it is that you have to contribute yet, but it will come.

Keep dreaming, keep believing  and surrender to your awesome

Hiria x

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Laptops, meetings, and breastfeeding – It’s what you make it mama!

img_5900Yes you read that right, and damn straight!

I’ve been in business for seven years now and one year in my hubby and I got pregnant with our first little one.  Six years on and now we have three.  They are now aged six, four and one years.  I also have a twenty year old boy is off at university.
Being a working mama is hard.  But no one makes it harder for us then ourselves. Straight up truth right there.
You have a choice as to how you live your life, or live in the conditions of your life.
I left my day job not long after my baby was born and I have had a sharp learning curve with balancing work and my kids.
This word balance has been the bain of my motherhood. We all know what it means but it has become this crazy ideal that doesn’t seem to be achievable.
As always, I reframe things to fit me and have done with balance. But before I go into how I make it work for me I will share a little experience I had that has stuck with me.
I remember coming in from a surf with my hubby, we had our little one and I think I was pregnant.  This guy was leisurely packing up his gear after a surf too and made the comment that having kids was the best thing in life and that if you don’t take the time to enjoy that, then you shouldn’t have kids.
That really messed with my head and it has off and on for years.
I really believed what he said and felt hurt because I was running this business, full-time and trying to raise a baby. So much guilt of being a bad mama.
But, there was something inside me that said that couldn’t be true.  I knew deep down inside that when you become a mama you don’t give up who you are, and that’s essentially what a lot of mama do.  I’ve always been a rule breaker so I was determined to make it work.
I had my latest bub a year ago now and I have kept her home longer.  I put all  the others in care from 6 months old.
Gasp, yes I did.
I did what I had to do at the time.
I have been reflecting on what that guy said to me all those years ago and really working at this work life balance.
How did I do it?
  • Prioritise
  • change language
  • Be present
I had to prioritise my activities and really focus on what would work the best for me and give the best return.
I had to change my language around being busy and set positive affirmations in place to ensure my subconscious was working for me and not against me.
And finally I really had to work on being present, in the moment.  I know everyone is talking about being present these days but you know why? Because it bloody works and is truth!
I took lessons from my training dairy and how I approach my training and mirrored it in my work and family life.  Seems like a no brainer to me now but it was a like a huge epiphany to me at the time!
We generally don’t see these signs until we slow down a bit and take notice.
So I urge you mama to keep on keeping on, but do it your way. You know its your way when you feel enlightened and valued.  But as soon as you begin to feel let down or betrayed you know you have come out of alignment.
If you want to know more about how I reframe it to work for me please get in touch. I would love to share my experience with you. You can  also grab a copy of my  How to be more Kick-assy for FREE.  Flick me an email on
I believe that the energy we put out there really impacts on the world so please if you found this useful pass it on.
As always thanks for tuning in,
Hiria x
#workingmama #balance

3 Simple ways to keep your sanity through Christmas – from a mama that knows

We are still in November and all the christmas decorations and trees are already up in the malls! What the heck?
And, did you know that NZ Post has changed their delivery days so that means you need to be even more organised this Christmas to make sure your Christmas cards make it to where they need to go in time.
Ok, I’m just rubbing it in now.
Panic stations!
If you are anything like me christmas is one of the most stressful times of year. Deciding where to go, who’ turn is it to host christmas, presents to buy, food to cook, baking to do, trailers to load, oh my gosh the checklist is endless.  And thats just the christmas part.  What about work? and finalising things before the end of the year for shut down, oh and thats if you do shutdown.
So, feeling overwhelmed?
We get overwhelmed when we think about all the things that we need to do, in the future.
I can hear you now,
I need to do this,
I need to do that,
I need to take the cat to the cattery,
I need to put the rubbish out,
I need to wash the car,
I need to buy a turkey?
All these things take up space in our heads and if we are not careful and lead us into a major spin out.
No one wants to spend christmas feeling crazy.
So I have put together a couple of steps to help you through your christmas.
Step 1.  Get it out of your head.  Grab a journal or your diary and write out all the things you need to do.  Everything that is taking up space in your head.  This little act in itself can relieve loads of pressure, physically too. It’s like a weight of  your shoulders.
Step 2.  Prioritise with your heart. Now I used to hate doing this sort of thing because when I wrote out all my lists it would overwhelm me even more.  But that was till I learned how to prioritise. So now i prioritise with my heart.  Scan the list and pull out what tugs at your heart strings the most. Most of the time our to do list is made of little things that don’t really matter.  What matters is what will make you feel better and happier. So get those heart strings going.
Step 3.  Choose 3 things from this list to do each day leading up to Christmas. Look for the little things that give have big consequences. It’s all about taking consistent action daily.
Start doing these things and you will end the year with so much more energy and stay sane because you have cleared your headspace and set a direct path of what you need to do.  It really is simple stuff.  No magic formulas.
I have also put together this fabulous one day retreat with the beautiful Karoline from Intuitive Wellness, for woman like you who are keen to have the best christmasy christmas this year and really be present.
It’s an opportunity to put yourself first, get moving, eat some great food, practice some mindfulness and then get into the business end where we help you to prioritise your schedule for the end of the year so you can spend it living it up.
If this sounds like you please go and check out the event page or PM or email
Go book your ticket now beautiful and join us x
Hiria x
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Are you having one of THOSE days?

When things just don’t seem to be going your way.

Frustrated, anxious and even a bit angry, nah yeah, real angry.

Have you stopped to ask why?

Even more so, have you stopped to ask yourself what you are feeling?

More often than not when those days come around we are super busy, have an appointment we are late for, or a deadline we need to meet that you already went over and the kids or your spouse are just all up in your face and then you let rip!

OMG, yup, all hell breaks loose and cyclone Hiria is on the loose.

Then you feel crappy, deflated and guilty for taking it out on your family right?

Yep I’m speaking from experience here. And I have found I’m not alone in that.  The more I talk about it the more I realise that actually it is quite normal.

Yay I’m normal I hear you say, ha ha.

Right on! Now comes the tricky bit.

What you do next is what really matters. That next right move. So you exploded because of all these things. Now you need to stop and ask yourself.

What am I feeling?

Know it, feel it, see it of what it is. An emotion that has cropped up from something.  It’s not who you are.

Now ask, what am I resisting?

Because 99.9% of the time we blow up because we find ourselves in a situation we don’t want to be in, we are resisting it.  That’s when ego has jumped in and our unconscious thoughts start making up all this crap that’s not even real.

So what is it you are resisting?

Give a few moments and the answer will pop into your head.  You know what it is but you have let your ego cover it up for one reason or another.  Ego and cover ups are a whole other blog! But just quickly it’s either to do with a front you are putting up or you are letting someone else’s shit cloud your way.

As soon as you ask those little questions and the answer comes as to what you are resisting and instant calm comes over you. Clarity, free space in your head to be able to deal with the situation in that moment.

On my instagram account I shared the following example,

While out surfing with my hubby one day, I caught the last wave of the day (for me).  The swell was huge, messy and unpredictable.

I caught the wave and as I was making my bottom turn I could see I wasn’t going to make it.  I tried to quickly do my bottom turn back up the face to get some speed but the wave closed out and smash I was stuck in the washing machine.

It was a six-foot face kind of day and I got pinned down. Imagine getting tumbled over and over, water is brown with sand and dark and you can’t feel the bottom. I panicked and for a split second could not work out which way was up.

And then from out of nowhere I had this feeling, to just stop. Stop resisting and fighting the water.  I grabbed my leash and tugged it to make sure my board was still there and followed it back up. I scrambled back onto the tail and caught the next wave back in to shore.

The lesson for me was clear. Stop resisting. Resistance is a form of unconsciousness.  It clouds our judgement and survival instincts. Nature has this awesome power of showing us lessons and I believe we need to be more open to them.  From then on I have taken my lessons learned from the ocean and apply them to my daily life.


Another example,  I was in a situation where I could no longer openly talk with my boss which made things difficult as I was the manager. Any problems I would have I had to find a way to deal with them on my own. That proved difficult because the majority of the issues were due to a lack of understanding of the tasks on the bosses part when setting up the work.

There was a particular day where I had a discussion with this person and from out of know where it all went crazy. I really could not understand what was going on.

Anyway, it made me flip out at home and get stressed out. I was resisting what was going on. I got caught up in the chaos of that situation and let it affect me, and my family.

So I asked myself those two questions. When I realised what it was I was able to step back from it and look at it with a more positive lens. And with aroha. I didn’t react and make things worse for the sake of winning.

Within hours I find the situation all sorted.

So two questions to ask,

What am I feeling?

What am I resisting?

These are bound to get you back onto a path of harmony and consciousness.

Over the last two years I have pulled together a number of strategies I use to ensure I live a more conscious life.  They are in an easy PDF format to share.  If you are keen to have a copy flick me an email

I truly believe that the more conscious we are the better our world will become.

Thanks again for following my journey,


Hiria x

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