You get out what you put in

You pride yourself on your attendance at training,

Hardly missing any,

So when other paddlers make it in to a crew before you,

You get upset.

I can totally understand.

You prioritise these trainings over other things and committed to it.


What is your focus like at training?

Your effort?

The thing is, to get good at something its not necessarily how much you do it,

Its the quality of how you do it.

So if your focus is on getting to trainings and not so much the effort and attention you put in while there no wonder you fail.

Time for a self check – if you have been getting those vibes from your clubbies or even coach take a look at yourself and ask if you have been paying attention.

Do you take on feedback? Or spit back an excuse straight away?

Theres a clue right there.

If you want to be coached you have to be coachable.


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I know already….

I hear it all the time.

Mostly second hand,

But now and then some have the courage to say it to my face that they already knew that.

It’s a funny thing.

Lots of people know lots of stuff,

But not many apply it.

My question to you,

“If you know the how to already, why aren’t you doing it?”

BOOM! Bit of an eye opener aye.

but thats the thing, taking action….

Another favourite Bruce Lee quote of mine is this,

“knowledge is fixed in time, knowing is continual”.

One is based on past experience or theory, while the other is present, free, and happens in sync with its environment, as it should.

So, for all those people out there who say they know already, cool.

But the real winners are those who implement, and grow daily through action, or movement.

My point?

If you coach, you must be committed to improving yourself too.

Its the only way to give your best so they can be their best.


Hiria x

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Just play it safe – but I thought we were here to win?

When the stakes are high, emotions running deep, reputation on the line, And the coach says, “just play it safe”.

Coaches be careful what you ask for.

You see,

As soon as you put that mental note into your paddlers heads their subconscious to please kicks in and they will unconsciously do all they can to ‘play it safe’.

The downside of that, is playing safe may not be whats needed to win.  For example, If you are in a race where your straights suck and you know you could possibly win it on the turns then you have to push the boundaries, or you are sunk and lost that chance.

Playing it safe may mean starting back a couple strokes from the start line to avoid a black flag, but then that sets you up for being slow out of the gate and in a 500m sprint  that time difference could be the reason for a 4th place instead of 3rd.




Why mindset?

Today during my run up the Mount, I was really struggling.  As my legs got heavier and  my hips were ceasing up, I observed myself having this conversation in my head with my mind, and another.  My mind was ready to exit, but this other voice (was more of a feeling), was trying to tell me “you got this”.  I found a second wind!

In that moment I couldn’t have been more convinced than any other time that it really is the top 2 inches that make the difference between success and failure.

It was evidence enough for me that it is our minds that throw in the towel well before our physical capabilities.

Can you think of a time when your mind gave up before your body was ready?

I’d love to hear about it.  Drop me a message or comment over on my facebook page.

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I will or I am?

You have your goal and you are all fired up ready to hit it.

You put in place some cool milestones and habits to help you get there.

The answer to you achieving it lies in the moment.

Hear me out,

All through school I was taught to set goals for the future.

Looking at where we are now to where we would like to be in 3-5 years.

I rarely achieved my long term goals.  Admittedly I have no patience what so ever and use to lose my motivation and commitment.


When I chose my current journey and kicked depression it all came down to this moment and how I framed it.

I realised for me to be who I want to be or where I want to go I needed to act in that way RIGHT NOW!

Because you see, its those daily behaviours, habits, rituals that defines that outcome.

And the only place to make it happen or change it is what you do right now.

So next time you set your goals or affirmations write it as I AM…..

It has way more power….

#askhiria #livepure #beyourbest

Finding feel in paddling – a personal journey


Some people are born with good physiques, sense of self, speed, strength.  But in paddling everything you learn is an acquired skill.

To me, absorbing paddling is like the experience of martial arts.  The ‘feeling’ for it comes from the heart.

A soul absolutely free from thought and emotion.

You have the dedication to get what you know you need.

You have the courage to go it alone when needed.

And ask others for help.

When it becomes a part of you, you know you have it.  You succeed at it.

You may never fully understand all of it, but you keep at it.

And as you progress you know the true nature of the simple way.

You observe natures simple way.

You experience a life you never had before.


Hiria x

If this ‘gives you them feels’, please share it forward.  As I evolve so does my writing x

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Inspired Series – Pineapple Lumps Road To World Sprints Tahiti

A little about the Pineapple Lumps – Hei Matau J16s Boys

I had to have a chat with their manager about the boys and their view on life and paddling, as they are hard at the mahi.
We would like to sincerely give thanks to everyone that is behind this awesome sport of ours, and for the support!  Here is a collection of korero from all of the boys which was gathered along our journey so far….

Why Pineapple Lumps?
It was about the club colours – Hei Matau Paddlers have a nice yellow as the main club colour…….so, bright yellow and um dark brown young men = Pineapple Lumps in reverse 😀


The photo from back standing left are: Whareporera Hare-Herbert Maunganui Hawe Te Aho Paenga Nelson Ulale Ihaka Taka-Brown Tahuaroa (Tama) White Sitting front left: Mokonuiarangi Edmonds Taihakoa Teepa Autahi Leonard


What drives you to do your best?
• Making our whanau, coach and club proud, being good tuakana to the up and comers
• Making my Mum proud
• Being on the water makes me chill
• It’s helped me learn to commit to something and see it through no matter how hard it gets
• For the brothers
• Mahia e tona ringa, tino kai, tino makona – satisfaction comes from doing the mahi with your own sweat
Who are your guys paddle idols?
• Ray Timihou (Uncle/Coach)
• Aunty Yvonne Rogers
• Uncle Jordan Edmonds
• Tupu King and Kevin Jerusalemy
• Nona Taute Hohepa
• Paul Roozendaal, Manaaki Te Kowhai and Tyrin Thomas
• Bradley Anderson
• Kimi Taliuli

What are your top tips for paddling?
• Find the fun bumps!
• Do the techniques good. Basics
• Don’t fly the ama in a 6-man 😀
• Mo te hemo tonu atu! Leave it all out there!

Whakatauki – What are your favourite mantras?
• “Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe”
• Mahi Mahi Mahi
• Be a hard worker because you’ll achieve your goals
• Me raupā ō ringa kia ao mai ō wawata- ‘With hard work and dedication, you will reach your goals’
• Ko te mea tuatahi ka tika, ka tika ko te mea tuatahi… First we’ll be our best, then we’ll be first..

See you in Tahiti! Thanks Hiria


A big mihi to Maria Ngawati for hustling the boys to get this and to the boys themselves for sharing.   Its been awesome watching their journey and all the mahi they are putting in on and off the water from training to fundraising.  Wishing you all the best in Tahiti, but know that we are all proud because of what you have contributed and how you have all grown through this campaign.

If you would like to stay up to date with their progress go and check out their facebook page.

As always sharing is caring whanau so pass this on to anyone else you think needs a little inspiration.


Hiria xx

#beyourbest #roadtotahitiworldsprints #hardwork


P.S.  Want your team to feature in the series? Drop me an email and share your story and a pic

The toughest paddlers are the ones who carry on…..


Feeling ripped off because the early mornings,   the endless hours, sweat, tears, all seem like a waste of time when you don’t perform on the day?

Then there are the disagreements with friends and family.  When you get a setback or don’t do well they say, “you were training too hard anyway, maybe you should take a break”.

Don’t let their disappointment and fear bring you down.  Yes, they mean well, but seriously,  it’s a projection of their stuff and not being able to handle it, not yours.

The toughest paddlers are the ones who carry oneven when it seems like everything is against them.  Because they understand the importance of failure and its potential to help you up level.  Mentally tough paddlers are those who build resilience.

And that’s exactly where my strengths lie, in helping you to build your resilience, manage  overwhelm, anxiety and fear to make them work for you not against you.Its about learning to work with those emotions, not shutting them off.

A really quick way to start turning around how you respond to setbacks is to check your language.

What words do you say to yourself when you haven’t met your own expectations?  If its negative, then reframe it to build yourself back up.

I have a really great debrief tool to help put things in perspective after a race if it doesn’t go as planned and to help improve for next time.  Drop me an email if you would like a copy free.  YES, please send me a free debrief tool.

If you need an extra helping hand here are two ways you can work with me;

  1. learn online with a virtual training course – Learn more
  2. explore coaching, mentorship, and paddle community support – Tell me more!

Remember, feel the emotion, and then decide what you can do next to improve.

Thanks for reading my little blog, its been random lately but I am making it a priority to get back into it.  Its one of those key learnings for me trying to balance my passion as a coach and training myself!

Hiria xx


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Whats really holding you back from being your best self on the water?

Not many people like to confront their fears, because they already know the answer and are purposely ignoring or resisting it.

This is where all troubles begin.  And its this stuff that blocks you (subconsciously) on the water.

From this point we create stories to keep us safe and protect ourselves in our little bubble.

Eventually we wake up one day, realise we have hardly any mates, or the ones we do have just don’t do it for you, you are in a place you can’t stand and a job you hate.

All because you turned away your true feelings because you were too afraid to deal with it.

That’s why I’m here.

To call you out.  And walk through it with you.

I’m not about massaging your ego…. I want you to make the real gains because I know it will have such an impact on your life and in return, on others therefore leading to a happier more peaceful world, the DREAM.

Sometimes you need that one person in your life who will give it to you straight.  I ask you the tough questions and also give you the tough answers.

Here are some real questions from real people who I have had to answer.


“No matter how hard I try to be uplifting and motivating I just can’t get any more out of my crew, and there is one person in particular that manages to undermine some of the women’s progress. Our coach is pretty great and does his best but we just don’t improve no matter what he tries or how he trains us.  I find I am really starting to struggle with this and am losing the love of it.”

Ok, I can totally understand where you are because I’ve been there and experience this every now and then with my role at our club.
It’s a decision you have to make based on your values.

Here’s some advice I gave my hubby who was struggling with something that didn’t sit with him too, it may help.

Every time you do or participate in something that does not align with you, your values, your health, your truth – you lose a piece of your soul.

Sounds dramatic but it’s true. You end up doing things for others that don’t fill your cup first and we can never serve our best when we are not our best.
Do what feels right for you.
It will feel scary like you are cutting everyone out but you know deep down the answer. Doesn’t mean it’s forever.


“So keen to know how u deal with it and I think I might be the hater tho…. How much is too much talking in the waka ? Cause I find constructive is fine, but to much be more than 1 person continuous for long paddles gets me worked up… I’m and ova thinking so I try to calm my mind and quiet it down in the 1st couple of km to warm into to the feel of it but I’ve been battling with this because of all the talking in the waka I’m not able to hit the zone it’s frustrating and I’m pissed because I can’t shut them out…”

Kia ora ehoa. I hear you on the talking in the waka.  There really needs to be a conversation around this prior to taking to the water so everyone knows the expectation and impact talking has on motivating paddlers.   It basically comes down to what works best for the crew.  Have a good conversation around it, not just a yep no kind of one.  For yourself, its more about looking into what is it that winds you up so much. Is it a particular person, voice, or words? See if it’s pushing your buttons in any other way too just to make sure that it isn’t just you being a hater. Said with lots of love x


In my element, nek minnit

My question is…. the crew dynamic, I thought, was really dependant on how you bond off the water, pre race and post race. But in the moment when 1 person has had the negativity and poured it onto crew (during race) by making remarks such come on they bloody passed us or 3 you’re not pulling! I get they are frustrated. My thinking is I need to be more encouraging, talk to them, ask for the little things in a way not shrieking at them. However after the race I’m always the bad guy, the other person not pulled up, 4 of the 6 crew agree with the negative person, I feel belittled to the point I no longer paddle since moving. How do you pick yourself up from that? It wasn’t one race it was at least 4 races. It took my joy from paddling 😞 how do I come back from that?

Ok, so first things first, we can’t change people, no matter hard we try.   It’s an uphill battle and honestly you should not be wasting your time.  I believe this is a part that is always overlooked in crews for paddling, well waka ama at least. There needs to be a conversation on what makes paddlers tick, some need that aggressive push while others need calming down. This is why we end up with tension in the crew under pressure. It’s sad that it got to this point for you. Its something a good coach encourages…. but if its paddlers coaching that can be hard too. It’s a huge culture shift that needs to happen as we shift from social paddling to competition… You are so not alone in your story and I’m hoping that by being able to talk about all this your experience and story will help change that culture… when you have clarity from the start, expectations, on same page the crew are then able to deal with this stuff…. Just know that it wasn’t all your fault….

“Hiria, what’s your tips for dealing with crap going on amongst paddlers in the club. It’s hard to cut them loose but it’s hard to put up with the rubbish talk and the know it all – I try to stay mutual but that sometimes is harder because you seem to become everyone’s go to person. Basically I fee like I need to trust the crew.  I want to be part of the solution not the problem.”

This is such a common question I get asked. And its tough. I always come back to yourself. Because that is all you have control over.  What is your definition of mutual?  Do you mean by saying you are not taking sides, or by saying nothing at all?  Check your behaviour, your energy, your judgements.   Make sure you are not part of the problem. By allowing yourself to be present when the trash talk is happening and not speaking up to it, you are encouraging it.  This is something that needs to be put in its spot as it happens.  It’s a hard one but the more you do it the easier it gets.  Don’t worry about any judgements other people may or may not make against you.  At the end of the day, you know what is right and what is not, thats all that matters.

I’m starting my MAY Intake of The Outrigger Boot camp later in the month and are looking for ten paddlers to join me.

Over the 8 weeks I will work with helping you see and believe what you truly are capable of doing by sharing my daily strategies and hacks for mindset, technique and life.

If you are serious about making change, then you need to change something.  ‘If you are ready to go all in, then drop me an email or PM me.

Hiria xx

Not convinced? Check out what one of my past paddlers said about the boot camp,

“I signed up for Boot camp mindset for paddlers, rather nervously I might add (this is Hiria after all) and thought I might not make it all the way through the Bootcamp physical side of things, but I came out the end of the eight or so weeks with so much, so many gains lol and a loss. 4.5kg that I didn’t need has gone and that’s just the beginning. The past eight weeks with Hiria has opened my eyes, my mind, my heart even more, and my waka whanau connection. Any wander why I love this sport. Thank you Hiria for my growth in all things waka. Love to you girl, you Rock”

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