Forty and feeling absolutely fabulous AF!

I turned 40 years old yesterday! And I feel great.

I’m not concerned with age like I used to be.

Living life trying to cram as much as possible into it before I die.

I don’t aim to retire either. Because to do so would be to give up on life.

My purpose is to simply be me, to be present and ware in everything I do.

Because I know that honouring the small, I am honouring this gift of life.

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Don’t get sucked in….stay in your lane

This is more a reminder for me than anyone else.

I’ve noticed recently that I have got caught up in the social media ruse!!!!

Every where I look right now its all bog booties exercises,

Rock hard abs, and tiny waists.

I have been needing to write up my new programme for my next paddle goal but have been totally distracted by all this info and built up some FOMO!!!!

Its so easy though right, to get distracted or sucked in to thinking that is the way to be or train.

Lucky for me I have enough awareness these days to listen to that little voice, knowing inside that is feeling me to wake up lol and get back with the programme.

Although this body image is beautiful,

It doesn’t fit my goal in anyway.

So back in my lane, focussed on how I want to feel, Faster, fitter, stronger and consistently making good decisions.

How can my body not end up looking gorgeous with a focus like this right?

What I know for sure is that when you take ‘body image’ out of the picture it leaves space for real hunger and motivation to succeed.

What do you reckon?

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I hear them Karanga….

In that moment,

Of discomfort,

Uncertainty, sadness, hurt, anger

I hear them karanga,

My tipuna,

My atua, calling me.

I feel shame and guilt, as did Hinetitama when she found out who her real father was (go google the story to learn more).

I see my shift into depression as that transition from Hinetitama to Hine-ahu-one, goddess of death.  A period of mourning, protection, of what is left.

I have always known the answers for life, living are in nature.

I just didn’t pay enough attention to them when I was younger, choosing instead to get caught up in society’s standardisation of living and who we are supposedly meant to be.

I feel that churning in the pit of my stomach,

A fire is building,

And I know that it has the potential to great things,

But also vey bad things if not handled with care.

I am being called for a reason, and instead of ignoring it like I used to, I feel it is time,

To stop, and let be what will be.

Only then will I be able to see what is needed without my emotions clouding my judgement.

Making that decision to surrender is tough.

But I feel a little lighter already having accepted it.

Hiria x

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3 Tips to making your fear work for you

That moment when you are frozen in fear you can’t move.

That was me this week trying out a ski I haven’t been in for years.

I was literally so afraid of falling in it paralysed me, and if I had of stayed in that state,

Yup you guessed it, I would have fallen in.

The key is not to stop fear,

because in doing so you miss some key learning and progression with your skills.

Here are my 3 tips for making your fear work for you.

  1. Remind yourself of the big picture.  For me it was being able to paddle from one end of the bay to the other.  Originally I would have said without falling in.  But the thing is, when you focus solely on falling in, you miss the chance to workout how far you can push your boundaries and balance, and testing your reaction skills.  I also found that focussing on not falling in jeopardise my stroke as it would make me unconsciously drop the reach shorter and pull back further (which is dumb because that is exactly what will make you fall in).
  2. Acknowledge FEAR, because it leads to courage when you choose to persevere and that propels your progression.
  3. Dig a bit deeper.  I use fear these days to tell me what I’m avoiding or missing.  I’ve become so in tune with my wellbeing that when something isn’t right it’s usually because I’m resisting something.  In this case its ego.  Of being like a beginner all over again and that fear of people seeing me fail.  Once I rationalised it back to the need to fall out it made sense again and I was back in my happy place.

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Reality sucks, when hits. Time for me to step up

God damn,

I thought I had my shit together,

Not giving a stuff about what others thought of me and all.

Until I realised I wasn’t actually living as authentically as I thought I was.

You see,

I realised just now that when it comes to my own club,

I don’t practice what I preach!

For the same reasons most of you let things slide in your crew, club.

Feel like I don’t know enough,

I haven’t been at the club long enough to change things,

I need to respect my elders.


That’s what I would tell any of you.  Ha ha.  so there it is!

I’ve always felt really strongly about not just jumping in a canoe and paddling.

EVERYONE does it. And when I get there, I follow the heard like a sheep.

But I know our club would really progress if we just took the time to stop.

I mean look at golfers, swimmers, boxers, martial artists

They all practice drills more often than not.

When I was competing in Taekwondo it was all drills, even for sparring.

We never just got in the ring and went for it.

So this is me, stepping up and being that person I say I want to be.  Time to make some change.

How about you?

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You have all you need to be where you want to be

I know when shit hits the fan you want to run for cover,

Or be rescued by your partner, hubby, friend, parent.

What I know for sure is when you do not accept what is happening (denial),

It will keep coming back until you face it.

As uncomfortable as it may get, that emotion, feeling will be a lot shorter than choosing to sit in the anguish you put yourself through over and over from not facing up to whatever it is.

Anytime I feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated by a person, situation I ask myself “Where am I right now”, this immediately pulls me back into the present (the only place I can make anything happen).

Then I ask, “what am I resisting” and dig deeper beneath the initial thoughts and feelings to see if thats the truth. I usually find its more than what I am letting myself see at first.

From there I am able to make a better decision because I know whats driving the emotion.

And I always give gratitude for that awareness because I know its a gift to be able to sit in a conscious state in this fast paced world we live in.

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3 simple tips to learning that new paddle skill

  1. Empty your cup – its hard to learn something new or look at it in a new way when you keep telling yourself you already know it.
  2. Move – Put it into action. The impact of ‘doing’ has been proving to increase ones learning ability.
  3. Teach – it really puts your mind into a whole different way of looking at it and you soak up so much more.  Plus you get to learn it twice!

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Respond don’t react

I didn’t even know there was really a difference.

Until I learned how to respond instead of react.

That’s the cool thing about the ocean.

It teaches you to respond.

And the only way to do that is by being present.

You see,

reacting is what you normally do out of fear.

Out of a predetermined ending you have seen in your head that you want to avoid.

So you go about acting in a way to make sure that ending doesn’t happen.

The problem with that is there are lots of ways something could end, or happen and by choosing one you may miss out on that one that works out in your favour.

Learning from the ocean forces you to let go of all that and focus on what’s in front of you, because right now in this moment that’s all you actually have to go on and the only place you can actually take action, the present.

When a person ‘react’s’ instead of respond what you are really doing is saying you don’t trust yourself enough to handle the present!

Don’t over think it, just flow and trust you got this.

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Those days when your mind is full!

You know what I mean?

You just can’t concentrate.

You know what you have to do but just not feeling it.

Its not that you are lazy,

You just can’t seem to focus.

Maybe you have a real uneasy feeling in your stomach?

Or even headaches.

I still have those days occasionally.

And sometimes it impacts on my training!

What I do in that situation is stop, breathe, then ask myself “what am I resisting?”

Because quite often there is something happening on the peripheral that I am not acknowledging, truly.

Once I become aware of it, I let me emotions run. Grab my journal and scribble. All that I feel no matter how good or ugly it maybe.

But heres the catch, as I write (not preempting anything at all),

I begin to see the truth appear in front of me,

what I really feel,

And I can feel my heart rate begin to slow down again.

Its as if just knowing or accepting it is a relief,

Then I am able to come up with a solution of how best to move forward with it.

Its kind of like I’m more afraid of acknowledging the truth then the actual thing itself! How weird is that? I don’t try to work out why.  Just that I am.

It gives me the space to make good decisions. and good decisions lead to better outcomes for everyone!

#askhiria #livepure #beyourbest

Understand your tools & you are halfway there

There are three key elements that impact on your ability to paddle


Your tools,

Your environment.

The thing is most paddlers only look at the tools to improve themselves.

Aww come on, don’t tell me you haven’t thought a shiny new paddle or boat will give you that edge.

Instead of looking for the shortcuts (that usually don’t last long) make sure you are using your biggest asset to its fullest.  Your self! Body, mind and spirit.

Body, how to produce your maximum power and speed to be faster,

Mind, to have the readiness to learn from all opportunities and overcome challenges,

Spirit, to connect in with your environment and improve your ‘feel’ in the canoe.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to utilise every possible opportunity?

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