Kia ora! I’m Hiria

My name is Hiria and I am a mama, wife, surfer, paddler, business owner, Motivate Me NZ member and big dreamer from Papamoa Beach, Aotearoa, NZ.  My blog began as a personal journey through the tides of life and how the ocean and waterways help me to maintain some sort of balance. I am passionate about paddling and surfing and encourage all I meet to give it a go.  It has changed my life for the better. If I can inspire one person then my job is done. Please feel free to share your journey with me also. It is all about sharing and learning!

I had a burning desire to share all the things that I love to do but was afraid to share it as me.  So I created Soulwater, as a way to take back ownership of my life like a mother! To deal with the depression that had reared its ugly head again when I found out I was pregnant.

I also started this blog to record my feelings and have some accountability to myself to stay on track.  There is just something about shouting your intent out to the world to motivate you to stay on track.

Soulwater was a way for me to connect to my soul, through the water.  And now it has become a metaphor for living the best life you can for others.  It promotes connection, movement, mindfulness and good food. All the key elements to living a healthy balanced life right now.

With my background in education, public health coupled with my experience I am now helping other motivated woman and mama’s to take back control of their lives by stepping up to being real.

Profile Pic#Imagine #believe #achieve

H 🙂

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