A little about Ash

I had to have a wee chat with his mum Raanj about this.  In short, Ash started paddling when he could hold a paddle.  And did his first sprint nationals at the age of five years old.  He has a pretty impressive paddling, and sports resume.  Just facebook stalk him or google him to find out more lol.

What drives you to do your best?

The thought of making my family/friends proud of my achievements and to become better than the day before

Whats your approach to training? and Race day?

My approach to training is dependent on time because I work random hours.  I don’t have a big ritual for training or racing.  My approach to a race will be just making sure I am ready and knowing what I need to do.

Is there anything you are afraid of and if yes how do you deal with it?

Not that I know of just yet haha

What are your top 3 tips for performing at your best?

My 3 tips are pretty basic and everyone should know them.

1. Focus on technique a lot.

2. Train smart not hard

3. Have fun with it


It’s not easy talking about oneself so thanks Ash for having the courage to share what you have.

I remember Ash doing the James Moore Memorial 35km coast run when he was about  about 14 or 15 years old.  I wasn’t actually paddling in waka then, I was still surfing and doing the SUP circuit.

I have seen him paddle his was through the ranks as a really strong junior paddler to opens where he was challenged even further.  He also does Crossfit and many people said he couldn’t do both.  From the outside his transition into Opens looked pretty tough, as the level of competition was crazy.  But this year Ash proved all the naysayers wrong and made podium in both the 250m Premiere Mens Dash and 500m sprints earning himself a spot in the Premiere V1 at world sprints in Tahiti this coming July.

Way to smash your goals Ash.  keep doing what you are doing.  you are inspiring so many of us to keep pushing too.

If anything in here resonated with you drop him a message or thanks for sharing.

Hiria x


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