Some simple strategies for those days when you just don’t want to adult.

I’ve spent my entire adult life and a good chunk of my childhood battling good days and bad days.


I used to lie in bed till at least 12 o’clock on most days. I had got to a point where I just wasn’t functioning properly anymore and my business, family life and sanity were all paying for it.

There were days where I would wake up and feel like I was just on the wrong side of the bed, usually accompanied by a headache or more common for me (a migraine).

I remember the migraines were intense.  So much so I had to literally lock myself in the bedroom and pull the blinds for total blackout because the light would hurt my eyes and then my head.

I also remember I used to get these migraines after a full weekend away tutoring my students, or when a huge amount of energy was required of me.

I’d wake up, and tell myself its best I go back to bed or it will get worse.

It wasn’t until I realised what was happening. I was starting to see how frail I had become.  I was so out of whack physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually that I just could not function.

I remember how I used to feel and how I could just get up and go and was so fit and strong, and it just made me feel worse.

I knew I had to change something because what I was doing, was not working.

I had to sort my eating because that was pretty poor, mostly no brekkie, or I wouldn’t eat till 11am most days.  And then the rest of the day was pretty random too. By the time I was hungry I would grab the high carb sugary foods like cereals or toast and other processed foods to fill the gap.  That would only make me feel worse.

I also use to just sit in front of the TV all the time and got to know Dr Phil pretty well (lol).

Eventually that little soft-spoken voice inside got cloudier and I decided to do something because I couldn’t live like this.  I was always sick with migraines, colds, I got shingles, and my body was just breaking down with injuries.

I woke up one day and decided that today was the day to start new and reset.

I worked on getting rid of all the unhealthy habits I had settled with and replacing them with healthy ones.  Like eating food as close to its original form as possible, cutting our refined sugars, and no more processed foods (as much as possible).  I also cut out adding dressings because that’s where a lot of sugar likes to hide.

I made a point of focussing on my movements better and not just thrashing my body till it felt numb to escape the boring of my life and pain at the time. I started to enjoying what I was doing again got back out in the water.

I also did a lot of work on me, internally, the self-care stuff.  I never really got the “stare at yourself in the mirror” thing. It just never worked, until I had actually looked beyond the superficial. Once I realised my potential again, and the power I have when I set my heart to it, I just got goosebumps, and when I looked in the mirror again I saw something different in me, I looked brighter, my “eyes were up” and I felt love.  Sounds cheesy maybe but it’s exactly how it played out for me.

I started to use only positive words, and love when I spoke and this in turn changed my body language too and my posture.  I shifted the negative self talk that was controlling me and now I navigate from my heart as I was meant to.

But one of the key things I did and continue to do is #jfdi.  If there is something I need to do I get it done without thinking about it so hard because it’s that point where ego comes in with the negative mind chatter and then all of a sudden, back on the couch!


I used this with my headaches to and those days when I feel super tired and just can’t adult.  I ask myself “what am I resisting’ and then the answer will usually come and I realise it’s just me slipping back into old habits.  Within half an hour my headache disappears.

What I know for sure is that if we don’t deal with the emotions and feelings we have inside of us they present in our body physically so that we have to take notice.  So if we can take back control internally we can heal ourselves.  I still have days where I feel super tired and want to blob but that’s when I ask myself what am I feeling? And then I realise I have possibly been doing something that doesn’t sit right with me which is why I feel drained.  The awareness is the key to moving forward. Without that we are stuck.

A lovely woman I recently met said to me “its like a clear day and then there is that one dark cloud, it doesnt stay there forever, it moves on”.  So should we!


Bit of a long one this one.  I was going to do bullet points but as I started typing I felt I really needed to get this out.  Because I know there are others out there who are working on taking back control of their wellness too.  I hope this helps.

As always thank you for following my journey, with love,


Hiria X

When we take accountability for our own wellness, we improve the wellness of our whole community.

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Are you self sabotaging your success?

Hey babe,

Finally things are going right for you.

You have been showing up, laying down those bricks and making each step count.

So why are you feeling blah about it all?

There maybe more to it then you realise.

This could be a sign that you are sabotaging your own success!

The majority of us do this.

And its all from long held beliefs we have either been taught as a child or been conditioned by through society.

Lets take a look,

  • your morning routine starts to slip
  • Start saying things like, it’s ok I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • I will just have one ‘insert favourite treat’ usually turns into five!
  • find other things to do
  • start arguments with loved ones for no reason
  • you start second guessing yourself
  • the negative self talk has returned

If you are doing any of these it’s a sure sign that your ‘ego’ is out to get you.  You see the thing is, if we hold a belief about something strong enough there is no way we will let ourselves become that.  For example, what do you think when you think about rich people?  If you think, greedy, snobby, cut throat, nasty , there is no way you would want to become that so you will purposely sabotage what you do to avoid it.

And that brings us to the why, if you truly want to be successful at something you need to believe it, and also change your mindset around it and any old stories or beliefs attached to it. Sounds simple right?  Actually it is, you just need to start, and its that daily consistent action that will get you there.  But you need to keep on keeping on with it!



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So let’s get started babe!

Hiria x

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How to lose weight: energy in should be less than energy out?

I bet you have heard that one before right? To lose weight you have to make sure energy input is less than your energy output.

If only it were that simple.

You have finally made the decision that you will fully commit to your health and fitness goals.
You cut out sugar
You cut out fat,
You cut out alcohol,
All your fave foods and decide to live off salads and beans perhaps?
You actually been doing really well and being strict on yourself.
Your will power is pumping.
And then a month in something happens at work that really pisses you off,
Or someone in the family has come down with a really bad sickness
And you just feel tired, maybe a bit overwhelmed and then all of a sudden you haven’t just eaten one piece of chocolate, you ate the whole bar along with the tub of ice cream!
You see, there is a lot more to it than just the food intake and energy output.
To make your efforts lasting you need to make sure you are looking at what your current habits are, and what triggers them.

Deal with the bigger picture stuff.
Stop avoiding it or it will always come back and bite you harder.
Get clear on where you want to head and why and then put in place daily healthy habits to make it happen!
Seriously though, if you are ready to tackle your fears and make some real lasting change then drop me a PM and let’s talk x.


Hiria x



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“When we take accountability for our own wellness, we improve the wellness of our whole community”.