Up-level already would you!

Last night I had the opportunity to share my journey with a room full of other beautiful woman. I was given 3 minutes to speak! How the hell do you get what you need to say across in 3 minutes?   My brother made a comment that I would only just get through my pepeha and time would be up, egg lol. anyone who knows a little about Maori culture would understand that.  Now is not the time to explain what pepeha is, thats for another blog, and an important one, but not now.

I decided not to write a speech.  Instead, I waited till I got to the stage, looked at everyone, connected and then spoke.

What came out was raw, honest, straight to the point. And this was confirmed to me by the feedback I was given afterward, which I am thankful for.

My plan was to actually just go there and listen, really listen to everyone in the room.  And not on a face value level.  On a much deeper soul level.  So I left my phone in my bag.  No socila media updates in between talks or photos.  This I believe we need to do more of.  Listen with our whole being. You can’t do this while tutuing (mucking around) on your phone!  That’s another blog post right there too!

Back to what I was saying…

I had an exhibit, and at my table I was asking women to share with me one quote or mantra that they use on the daily to get themselves ready to face the day.  There was one in particular that stood out for me.

It read;

Stand tall!

Two simple words, that used to stir up so much emotion for me. As a child growing up I towered over everybody else, including the boys. I really stood out and used to hunch over because I hated the attention. I felt awkward and gangly and was called so many names.

When I read that mantra stand tall, it made me stop and reflect for a moment, and then I felt love. Love for the lessons, love for this person who brought this message to me because she too was tall, and beautiful! So many ifs, and should have’s come to mind.

It took me back the hours leading up to this event.  I was so busy, trying not to get too overwhelmed but starting to freak about what to wear. I’m still in a moon boot and I heard it was a red carpet evening and I was like, what the hell? Maybe I should just go casual? Just be me, because that’s what I’m about.

But, I was contradicting myself beacasue the emphasis of my talk was all about stepping up and being yourself, real.  Not being a slave to the stupid hats or masks you have been collecting throughout your life. Not giving a damn what others think becasue at the end of the day you are giving up ‘living your best life’ by doing that.  I need to remind myself of this often.  It’s not easy being yourself.  Its uncomfortable and it can make others around you feel uncomfrotable too.  Sometimes it feels lonely, it really stretches the comfort zone out even further, its a little unfamiliar.  But god damn when you do it, the feelings that follow are the best high you could ever want. Knowing you are standing in your own light, to be seen by those who need to see you.  You uplevel, evolve and then become unstoppable.  And, the people who really are there for you step forward into your light.

I didn’t realise that, being tall was actually my strength, my super power!

I thought F@#%* this I’m going to throw on a frock, shine bright tonight, ‘stand tall’ moon boot, beach hair and all!


From one tall mama to another I thank you because this I needed to feel.  A new morning affirmation I made from this lesson is;

“my height helps me shine bright so that my message can be heard by those who need to hear it”

I am owning my super power like a mother!

Come on already and uplevel!

Own your super power like a mother and drop me an email soulwaternz@gmail.com

As always, thank you for sharing in my journey and tuning in, much love

Hiria x

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One thought on “Up-level already would you!

  1. Victoria Stuart says:

    Hey Tall-Mama,

    “Stand tall” is one of our cues in PaddleOn for the “over-extending reach drill” – it made me smile to see this as your mantra today. When we get our cancer sufferers to stand tall (paddle high in the air) it is like their confidence in their bodies returns, they go from all bent arm, hunched and wobbly, to reaching for the sky and smiling.

    It is my all time favourite drill and favourite cue. Almost magical.

    If I had been to your stand I would have written “open your heart”, which is my own mantra for the year. Both physically and spiritually. When applied to paddling it helps people with their reach and power – your shoulders are back and your back and chest engaged as you power on…

    Look forward to reading your next blog!




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