My letter to you. Take charge of your life like a mother!

For those who are new to my page, here is a little background.

I started it as a way to help me through my depression when I got pregnant with my fourth child.  Soulwater became my strategy to helping myself heal. It was all about connecting to my soul, through the water.

I’ve written ‘that letter’ before.  For those of you who know what i’m talking about, my love to you.  It’s not a nice place to be.

A great deep hole of darkness, void of emotion, just numbness.

Feelings of defeat and failure, guilt and sorrow.

No matter how hard you try to explain the feeling to someone you just can’t.  When you get to that point you are done. All you want is for that pain to go away, so you write the letter.

I used to think that having depression and feeling the way I did mean’t I was broken.  In a sense I was but I felt like it made me less of a person.  How wrong was I!

Even though I felt lower than low and like there was no way out there was this tiny little voice inside me that kept saying , “The only way out is if you help yourself”.

Now what I came to realise is that I needed to work out how I got to this point in the first place.  I have one of those childhood stories that no child should have to experience.  And throughout my adult life I tried to show my worth and value by being the best at everything and going beyond what was needed.

Trying to be the best mama, wife, friend, colleague, employee, teacher, guide, coach, business woman, and so on.

Because of society’s norms I allowed my self to be boxed in under these labels. When I was an employee, thats all I was.  When I taught it was from a pedagogy perspective through the lens of a teacher to a student.  In business I was a business woman who had to commit all my time and effort to making my business work.  And as an athlete, it was training like an athlete 100% commitment. There was no room for anything else, or so I was led to believe.

Throughout my journey with Soulwater I was determined not to box myself in anymore.  It was taking up way too much of my energy trying to be all these different people.  I was done with being unhappy, pretending, and frustrated and left at the end of the day feeling shattered.

Why couldn’t I just be me in all those spaces? What if I woke up one day and just put on one hat?

That would be amazing! I would feel free. Have so much more headspace to be creative again. I would be able to enjoy my kids and my family.


I knew I wasn’t feeling alone in that because I have always had other mum’s comment on how they don’t know how I do what I do.  It used to make me feel like I was selfish and then guilty. But I have come to realise that actually for me to be able to serve all those spaces I need to make sure I am being looked after.  And yes we all know this but when it comes to the crunch and your day is not going to plan it’s normally your self care that takes the back seat right.

So that’s what my journey with Soulwater has been for me.  Finding myself because somewhere along the line I got lost trying to please others.

As a mama we work damn hard! You would do anything for your family.  So take that work ethic with you daily under one hat.  Look at the world through that lens and you see so much more love, kindness and awesomeness in the world because that what you will project onto others.

I’m all about pushing those boundaries, showing the world that a mama can do anything! I’m passionate about living to our potential and to do that we need to live a balanced healthy lifestyle. I do this by looking after my physical, spiritual, mental, and social (connectedness) wellbeing. If we care for each of these areas equally we are able to  step up into being our authentic self.

I’m on a mission to help other mama’s take charge of their lives like a mother! No regrets.  Because that’s who we are.

So put your self first mama and look after yourself the way you look after your family and the world is your oyster!

Take charge of your life like a mother!

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Hiria x

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I am enough, I know enough…

Whoa!It has been a long time since I did a blog.

You see I always told myself I sucked at writing. It’s just not something I was good at.  I’m a physical person, my emotions speak through my actions.

Oh whatever! When I was at school I actually used to be a great writer! I just started to use this as an excuse not to write. Because I was afraid.

Afraid of what people might think.  Afraid of what my friends and family would think. I would start wondering about what they would say. I thought they would  think I’m soft. Or worse still, think I was crazy and then bring my family into it.

I’ve been going through such a huge transformation in my personal journey. For too long I held onto old stories from childhood. Stories that held me back, stopped me from trying. Stories that made me think I wasn’t good enough, or didn’t know enough. Stories where I thought that I deserved what happened to me, it was my fault.

You know when someone says something and you immediately snap back at them, or try to justify your position.  That is ego talking.  Ego loves stories. Stories are what fuels the ego and creates all that crazy negative chatter in your head. The ego is there to protect you, it’s a survival mechanism when in danger.  But it tends to overstep the boundary and when you get into conflict it jumps in. There is no purpose for  your ego when there is no conflict. Which is why you end up with internal conflict.

I had been working on letting those stories go and since then amazing opportunities have been opening up for me and I have my ‘spark’ back again.  It’s been a tough road to take and there have been many moments where I felt, no I wished for the ease of my old life, my lazy life, the hamster wheel of just going through the motions. You know that feeling of, don’t rock the boat and all will be sweet.

Yeah, nah, thats no way to live. I was in denial and I thought I was happy but something deep down still didn’t feel right.  I would work hard across all the different areas of my life trying to find that purpose, and that spark again.

What I have to learned is that change is growth and we must not fear it. It’s a cue from inside that we need to move in another direction or close a door so that new doors can open. When you accept it for that it makes it so much easier.

But, last night while I was journalling I realised I was still holding back.  I had not fully committed to achieving my goals. Of stepping up to just be my authentic self. I was sick of having to be a certain kind of way in my different roles.  That just creates confusion for everyone. What you see is truly what you get now. And I love it!


Mechanics and Mindset Coach

To make this work I needed to put in some structure and have the discipline to stick to it.  I have this brilliant business coach who has done some pretty amazing things and she has encouraged me to step up.  She armed me with a whole bunch of awesome resources and practice to get back on track.  But I hadn’t yet put the discipline in place to achieve it.

I do this automatically when Im training so you think it would have been simple as for me to do.  I just had not made the connection. I have made huge growth and loads of momentum with my business but there were still some dots I hadn’t connected.

This is my truth right here. I am a mama of four, riding the tides of life. I am on a mission to inspire other beautiful wahine to step up and be all that they can be just as I am. I am enough and I know enough.

I have the qualifications to support my new direction, always have, but now I have the confidence coupled with my experience too and that is my true power!

If you are done sitting on the bank, and ready to jump in with both feet then get in touch.

As always, thanks for tuning in,


Hiria x