New years Resolutions bah humbug!

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Be inspired!

I know, it’s been awhile since I did a blog and apologies for that, to a degree.  What I mean is, I’m not really sorry.  I have been using that precious time to spend it with my newborn and family.

It’s been great. This is the first summer in years that we have had a little time to ourselves and not been busy in our business.  We have some fantastic family and crew to thank for that!

I have purposefully not done any big new years resolutions or even texted, emailed or face booked any happy new years stuff to anyone.  I have been reflecting on my past practices and where I want to go. I know you have all been awaiting for me to write something about spending and evening with Oprah Winfrey too but I felt it wasn’t time, until now.

I have been self employed for about 6 years now and there have definitely been a few roller coaster rides in there. We have had awesome support for family and friends over the years which has helped immensely.

About three years ago we had our little boy and thats when it all started to change for us. The business, homelife, me.   Things got crazy, I got crazy and really stressed myself out. And then last year I found myself very lost and wondering what the heck I was up to. Doubting myself and everything I was doing as it felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore or what I stood for.  I tried many different things to help me through it and it has only been recently that its all come back on track.

You see, I had forgotten my values. Thanks to Belinda Tuki #nourishjourney the light bulb went on.

At the start of last year I wrote up a Personal Mission statement to help me get back on track.  It has loads of awesome things in it. After reading it today I see there are a number of things I didn’t quite stick to. A key one being “listen to my intuition and let it guide me”. I didn’t realise how disconnected I had become. In my business there were things happening in the industry and some how we got caught up in it all, and I felt I lost some of my integrity in doing so.  Being my own boss has been an interesting journey in its self.  So many people say that passion is bad for business, but I knew it at the start and know for sure now that if you truly want to be successful then it is the most important aspect of a business.  How are you supposed to work day in and day out in something you are not passionate about?  Besides people see that passion and it rubs off on others.  Its contagious and a beautiful thing.

So, as mentioned earlier I tried a few things. I even started this blog, and soul water away from #eastcoastpaddler to give me a medium to voice what I was feeling and going through. I t’s been a really helpful tool to help me get back on track as I look back through my posts, pictures and see the transformation that is already happening. The fact that I have been able to encourage or inspire one maybe two other people to follow their dreams or simply exercise a little more is the icing on the cake.


The other thing I did was go and see Oprah Winfrey when she came to NZ. Now, last year I met this beautiful wahine and her husband on a course that I teach (Waka Ama (outrigger canoe).  Well I ended up going to see oprah with her.  You know sometimes when you meet someone and you just click. Yup that was me. I always take note of people as I believe relationships are important.  I am on a mission to find other positive, reach for the stars people because when you get together the magic happens! We are on similar paths at the moment and I am waiting to see what will come out of that.

I also got to meet up with Makaia Carr from MMNZ, another beautiful wahine I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know.  She is so inspiring and I love how she has inspired so many NZ wahine to get active here and overseas. Go and check out her page if you get a chance #motivatemenz.  Also briefly met Belinda there, the owner of The Honest Food company. I didn’t know much about her but have recently had much of her mahi pop up on my Facebook feed so I tuned in. So glad I did.  It wasn’t so much new stuff to me, it was a reminder of stuff I already know but had switched off to it. Thanks for the reminder Belinda.

Since then I have been on a mission.  I noticed I got to a space where I was unable to dream, think big.  Do you know how scary that is for a person like me?  Those who know me well know I have big ideas and plenty of them.  So its scary to have no vision. But its back! Had always been there bubbling under the surface and now its ready to be unleashed.

I know for a fact that the only one who can do this is me, no one else.  Instead of resolutions I have also done a bit of a mind map because I love those too.  Also did a vision board half way through last year and a gratitude journal.  The jury is still out on those for me though.  I don’t really meditate as such either… After reading Mark Manson’s article on  meditation I realise that it’s ok to have a busy mind.  You just need to acknowledge what thoughts are useful and those that aren’t and work form there. A great quote I came across some while back is this “don’t judge what you observe or feel”.  I think thats fantastic, acknowledge but don’t judge.  That’s where all the negativity starts to come from.

My mind map is big and I’m getting ready to shout my intent from the roof tops.  So please tune in people as you may just be the person to help me fulfil it!

I went to bed last night thinking about what I wanted to create for the next day.  Setting my intent and then thought about it again upon waking. I was sitting in the lounge and flicked on the TV, to Maori TV and what happened to be showing? A Documentary I was involved in about 6 years ago (I know a sheila Like That)Aside from looking younger I realised there were a few things that I had stopped doing.  And one of those was another point from my personal mission statement.  It was “maintain innovation and creativity”.  Those things fell to the wayside because I had got so busy being busy and lost my values along the way. The documentary showed me again why we started what we did and why I do what I do, my soul purpose! I speak about depression, and then being healthy, and healthy lifestyles.  Those things have always been at the forefront of what I do.   I have been on a high ever since watching this and it has given me my confidence back again… Time to find myself some other soulpreneurs and big thinkers and make some magic!

Thank you to everyone who has crossed my path to date.

#imagine #believe #achieve

H 🙂