Mummy finger, mummy finger, where are you?


Anyone with little ones should know the tune to the above. My little 3 yr old boy sings it over and over and over.

Mummy finger, mummy finger where are you?

Here I am, here I am

How do you do?

Thought it would be a great way to lead into my blog as I have been absent for a wee while. Enjoying ‘time’ with our little Hinatea.

It has been five weeks since our latest bundle of cuteness came into this world.  And it feels as though it has gone that fast it is all a blur. Naturally there have been many ups and downs, physically, emotionally, mentally while my body recovers from the last 10 months and childbirth.  And not only recovery for myself, can’t forget the rest of the family having to put up with me and my crazy.  My little 5 year old even got to the point where she would excuse my behaviour because I had a baby in my puku, so cute, but  a little sad too.

Kids learn everything from us in those early years and they watch every move you make, and take in every word you say.  It’s not about trying to be positive all the time in front of them, its about being realistic and showing them how to deal with upsets in a better way rather then losing it all together. I have such a controlling personality and used to be a perfectionist before we had our little ones.  It’s not realistic to be like that with small kids as it will drive you nuts.

Well, it drove me nuts and my husband. I learned to change my priorities around what needed my immediate attention and what didn’t, such as ‘reading time’ with my babies rather than doing the dishes right away or folding washing. I still struggle with that at times and need to remind myself that my babies are my responsibility and they grow up so quick so don’t waste any of that precious time. Now, I still like routine and are still trying to get into one. That is easier said then done when hubby runs on his own time too. I used to get up at 4:30am, go to the gym, come home make the kids lunches etc, have breakfast and get the kids off to school (if it was my watch). Now, I wake up at 7am have breakfast feed baby, wind baby, feed baby and wait for a free spot to go and do some training. In there somewhere I need to fit work, study, house work. Training and oh, ‘me’ time?

So I am just going with the flow right now because if I tried to push my routine it will drive me nuts.  My hubby has even learned to recognised when I am losing it (usually by getting cranky at the kids, or him for leaving a sock in the wrong place or something silly like that). As soon as he identifies my mood he recommends I go and train. Exercise for me is my happy place. Naturally because of the endorphins it releases, al the feel good vibes.  I love it! I may not feel that great beforehand but after a workout I can always guarantee I feel better. And to make that feeling last I make sure I have the nutrition to back it up. Meaning, I refuel my body so it doesn’t crash. I get the carbohydrates in to replace what I used up, to make sure my blood sugar levels don’t drop, and I also get some protein in to help with my muscle recovery (depending on type of workout).  I don’t take any supplements at all.  I used be a typical gym junkie and have my religious ‘protein shake’ after each workout only to find it wasn’t doing anything for me, and was probably doing more harm than good really.  What I mean by that is I was taking protein at the wrings times when I didn’t really need it which meant I was missing out on other nutrients. I have made sure that my exercise routine fits my nutrition too and vice versa. Getting enough protein in after a heavy strength gym session, carbohydrates during or straight after a long endurance run or paddle session.

My mission these days is to eat ‘normal whole foods’, and unprocessed as much as possible.  I have never really eaten much red meat as I find it hard to digest. But I do love the odd ‘steak’ now and then and lamp chops! I eat mostly fish and chicken and loads of veggies and fruit. I east ‘real butter’ and have full cream milk. Lucky for me I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I guess that’s because I have learned to balance my nutrition that my body doesn’t crave sugar to get my blood sugar (or glucose) levels up.

Here is an example of my training programme. I will train four days on and one day off rotating workouts throughout the month. I never do the same workout twice in a month. I like to keep challenging my body as that is where the most gains come from.  Our bodies are pretty awesome and learn to adapt quickly. I will do an AM workout and a PM workout except on STRENGTH day.  On my REST day I will usually do something passive rest like a long beach walk, ride my bike, hike up Mauao or swim or surf. My workouts will last for about 10-20mins maximum except strength day which is an hour to and hour and a half long, as well as my long paddles which can be from one to two hours long depending on what season I am in.  By having short workouts I can do them from anywhere and it doesn’t take much time or fuss. It’s just the paddling or surfing where I need to be more organised (babysitters).  In a perfect world I would have all my snacks ready each week and meals.  But sadly I haven’t mastered that yet as I am still playing catch up. But perseverance is key and I will get there.

I am still loving this journey and have learned so much already about myself, my friends, and family. The support has been great but the biggest thing for me is I have learned that at the end of the day it is all about ‘me’ and how I ‘feel’ and ‘think’. I am the one who has the choice to make it or break it and that makes me feel even stronger.

As always, thanks for reading. Would love some feedback if you have any. Keep paddling!

Arohanui x

Hiria 🙂

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I’m going slightly mad!

Day 4 overdue

Day 4 overdue

The final two weeks before my due date have been hard. And yes I expected that. my belly has popped out, it’s getting harder and harder to train, sleep, and do anything. I stayed away from my blog as I have mentioned previously I like to try to keep things as positive as possible and when I don’t have any positive thoughts worth sharing why force it?

This blog is about my thoughts and feelings post due date. Hope there are some things in here that may help others in some way.

It’s been four days since you were supposed to be here. The anticipation has been killing me.  you were due on Labour Day here in New Zealand which is a long weekend. It ended up being al ing weekend of ups and downs for us all. What an emotional roller coaster ride that was. By Tuesday we all decided to just chill out and knew you would come when you are ready. The thing is, my 37th birthday is on the Wednesday so I was started to get all excited about that to.

It’s Wednesday morning and I wake up to a chorus of happy
birthday from my babies and hubby. So lovely and cute. I get to lie in for a little bit before the mad rush to get kids ready for kindy and school.  I’m lying there wondering if today will be the day you decide to join us.  I choose to accept that you will arrive on your own terms and get out of bed.

Feeling strong

Feeling strong

Breakfast done, kids off to school and kindy, hubby off to work.  I finish my paperwork for the morning and head off to the gym. In my final weeks I decided to train at my sister in laws gym as I was aware of how uncomfortable staff and other people were starting to feel with me continuing to train, thinking that at any moment baby would just pop out!, (It’s quite funny when I reflect on it).

Feeling strong today, almost normal. Decide to do my usual strength training.  A bit of a warm up on the elliptical machine (this has been great cardio respiratory training with a bump). I then take to the weights and do my 12.5kg snatches, swings, one arm rows (15 kg).  Tried a few deadliest but by now the tummy is just too big and my technique all over the place so it’s a waste of time. Wandering around the gym restless now so decided to try some box jumps.  I know sounds crazy but I figured I’m past due date so if this induces some baby action it’s all good.  I did 3 sets of 10 on a 47cm box. Remember, my background is sport science, PT, teacher etc so I do all my training with knowledge of the effects on my body.

Getting them gains

Getting them gains

Part way through I get a call from the hubby to meet for a birthday lunch so quickly finish up and off we go.  We ended up at my favourite restaurant in town (Macau on the Strand). It’s a lovely fusion of asian cuisine.  Had the yummiest lunch with the best company. something hubby and I don’t get to do often. A beautiful day and feeling very grateful.

Later that afternoon we decided to pack the kids up and head over the hill to Rotorua (a 45 min – 1 hour drive from Tauranga) for some paddle training as we heard that they have been running a regular Wednesday night sprint training so decided to give it a bash.

We get there by 6pm and its windy as, ugly, cold, motivation dropping. I decided to go anyway. It ended up being an 8km paddle, and what a struggle that was! My canoe I was using was too small and I was so scrunched up in it. lucky the locals felt sorry for me and hung with me for the duration (felt a little stink for them being baby sat).  but that’s what manaaki is all about when you have visitors, one of the things I love about being Maori!  what a hard slog that was into the wind. Was looking forward to the return trip but naturally as we reared the bout turn the wind dropped off. That time of the evening I guess.

By the time we got back it was around 7 o’clock. We headed off to get some food for us and the kids and hit the road.  I started to notice some tightening and my arms and body were a bit achy.

We got home by 9:30pm, put the kids to bed and then settled ourselves for the evening. by 10:36pm I was up recording my contractions!  It was the most intense pain I have ever felt and this was my fourth baby. We called up my sister-in-law to come over and watch the kids as i felt it was all go.  she and her partner got to us just after 11pm. We made it to the clinic by 11:30pm where I jumped straight into the pool. Our wee girl was with us by 12:00pm on the dot.

I have never used any drugs or medication during any of my labours. I have always tried to prepare myself mentally and physically to cope with it all. but I have to say I felt pretty close to giving in! All I had was ice to munch on. In between each contraction (there were only a couple) I felt like I was going to throw up and felt so weak. It is this reason why I chose to train like I was training for the biggest event of my life with childbirth because effectively that is exactly what it is. There is no other sport out there as physically, mentally and emotionally draining as giving birth! I had to major contractions and our water baby was with us. I was in so much pain my body was shaking and I was cold so it was a relief to get into the nice warm pool at the clinic.  Now, I had always wished for a quick labor but what I didn’t realise was that if it is quick, it’s usually means way more pain! There are so many things that people do not mention about childbirth. Like birthing the whenua or placenta (afterbirth). This is almost just as hard as having the baby! Then there is the recovery.

I am so thankful to my family, my mother in law and my hubby and my midwife for the fantastic support through my labor and recovery. and to the rest of my family and friends for all the support throughout and putting up with my crazy training. It must have been hard for everyone else to relax.  Just thankful you all trusted in me to do well by our baby.

It is such a privilege to be able to bring a wee person into this world and I cherish that everyday. I haven’t felt this relaxed, calm and happy with all things for a long time, but you know, a newborn has that effect on you.  enjoying our precious taonga (gift) and will be back writing up about recovery postnatal, training, goals and life as a water woman, paddling whanau asap.

It was a super moon the night baby was born. and she was born with a pure white patch of hair on her left side. We have named her Hinatea 9meaning fair, personification of moon), Paetawhiti (horizon), Wawata (dream, aspire, vision) Rolleston. she is the most beautiful, chilled out baby so far.

Thanks again for following me and providing that quiet support,


Hiria 🙂

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