The Anticipation is killing me!


1 Day to go!

Kia ora!

Sorry for the lack of comms as of late. Have not been in the right frame of mind to put anything to paper. I am very mindful of how strong thoughts and words can become so I prefer not to let any of my not so positive energy flow onto others. Or maybe I just worry too much about others and not myself? Hmm, something to look into.

Anyhow, its my due date tomorrow! And i am really feeling it. I have maintained a pretty full on training programme all the way through. Still managing to do a few things here and then.  Not as consistently I must say but still active. I have kept up my strength training, with dumbbells as I have found that using machines are uncomfortable for me.  My core feels strong enough to be able to support my free weights.  I have found when lying down doing bench press it is best using DB and not the bar. The bar creates too much curve in my back and my core is obviously not strong enough right now for that.  Still managing basics like push press, snatch, one arm rows so thats good.  And I have dropped the weight of the bar when doing squats and only doing small db weights for lunges.

I feel like I get the most out of doing my strength right now and have found that the cardio gets my body temp up too quick which could impact on baby. I have also found the hill running better than flat. Intervals up and then jogging down seems to be more comfortable.  I am mindful on my posture in all that I do and always have been so thats been a biggie for me during pregnancy. I feel it has really helped to keep the lower back pain away too. The main cardio type sessions I do are on the water. The most frustrating thing about training right now is I can’t truing till I am exhausted (obviously because of baby). So I am not getting that adrenalin rush that I crave and helps me to sleep at night and chill out. I guess not too long now and I’ll be back into it.

As for eating, well, this week has been all over the place. My favourite right now seems to be the Hokey Pokey Memphis Meltdown Icecreams!  Not eating them everyday but I have had at least three in the last week! That is pretty huge for me.

I am feeling like I am in limbo right now and its hard to focus. Trying to get everything done that i need to before baby arrives, work and household wise.  maybe I should just chill and trust in the process as I always have a habit of telling others. so hard to take our own advice.

Anyway, hope you are all doing fab and thanks again for following me my rambles.

Hiria 🙂

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Training, Eating, Thinking and all that other stuff

Kia ora everyone!

I get asked a bit about my training, eating, routine and all sorts. So for this blog I thought I would try to tackle a couple of those things.

I have done nutrition papers through university but in no way do I consider myself to be a nutritionist.  Over the years I have tried a few different things but what I found has worked is pretty simple.  And you might not like what I have to say.

At my heaviest I weighed about 80kgs, for anyone who knows me that is pretty heavy for my frame. I was a size 14-16, hard to believe I know. It has taken me a long time to get where I am today but that is because I had a lot of cleaning of house to do, so to speak.  I needed to de-clutter my mind of brainwashed ideas around health and weight and diets!

Back in my less active balanced days - 76-78kgs

Back in my less active balanced days – 76-78kgs

I rarely weigh myself – because it is not a true indication of my health. My goal is to be fit and feel strong and healthy which means being lean too so instead I focus on the fit of my clothes, and my energy and focus throughout the day.

For too long I used to weigh myself and it just ate me up inside. A key point to remember is that if you are doing weight loss and using weights in the gym, muscle weighs more than fat so you may not see much of a movement on the scale but you will feel a difference in your clothing and energy.

Photo’s are great to track progress if you need that sort of thing and sometimes it is just a good reminder of how far you have come.

I don’t take any supplements.  This is probably the biggest thing for me.  I don’t even like taking Panadol or anything unless I really have to but that is my preference. I used to be the crazy protein shake person and always have one after my workouts.  Because everyone else was doing it and I didn’t really put too much thought into the timing of it and why.  so all I do now is make sure I eat enough protein through whole foods.  I haven’t been on protein supplements for at least a year and have noticed a huge difference in he way I feel and my bank balance!

I don’t smoke or drink alcohol and have reduced the amount of caffeine I have.  By doing this it has helped me to maintain a more regular metabolism. and sustain my focus throughout the day.

Admittedly I have had some off days while pregnant and get the odd ‘craving’ but it is usually when I am not training.  You see, it is all about balance. My eating is directly linked to my energy output and it has taken me a while to recognise that.

I have 16 days to go till baby arrives and I still have a fairly healthy and active lifestyle.

37 weeks

37 weeks 77kgs

So, my training routine goes is on a 4 day roster.  I try to train at least twice a day, depending on what my workout is and where in the season I am.  when I am in season my land sessions are converted into water sessions based on the same stuff e.g. strength on land, strength on water (using resistance). My running interval sessions on land switch to intervals on the water e.g. 4x800m, 5x sprints starts.  The longest amour of time I spend in a gym would be one hour and that is when I do my heavy weights. Otherwise it is only short 10-20min workouts.  On the water the longest is a weekend paddle of 2 hours at present but the majority sits around 45-1hour sessions.

A typical week for me looks like this:

Monday – water in am

Tuesday – water in am, water in PM

Wednesday – Strength in gym am, water in PM

Thursday – water am, Water PM

Friday – active REST day

Saturday – water am

Sunday water am

In the last two months my training has really dropped off and I rarely make the two training times a day, due to a change in our routine at home with hubby away and my baby girl starting school.  I also work flexibility into all of my sessions before and after.

As for food and training, I will make sure I eat something within 20 minutes of training to make sure I make the most gains I can.

To help with my motivation I have created my vision board and have a lifestyle diary to cover off all my food, training, moods etc. It helps when I get sick and can look back at why I might have fallen ill (possibly over-training, under eating etc).  I make sure I have a focus for all my training, although it can take me a while to warm up and get focussed I generally do have specific things to focus on.  It helps me to make the most of my training time.  and I train with a buddy as much as possible.  on the water it is important for me to train with a buddy so I can get an idea of where I am at, and also create more of a realistic competition situation.

If I miss a training I try not to be too hard on myself. That only creates negative thinking which then pulls me off track. So, going with the flow as much as possible.

It has taken me a long time to get to this point and balance my eating and training and have the right focus for it. Performance not image! Once i did that, seriously, everything fell into place. no more pressure on what i looked like, it just all worked out.

Would love to hear any strategies you have and what has worked for you.

Thanks for sharing in my journey.  I really do hope you get something form it too.

H 🙂

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Keep on keeping on – How do you do it?

Kia ora all!

Yes, it has been a little while since I posted. The closer I get to D Day for the arrival of our new little one the harder it is to get motivated. 23 days to go!

When I started on my current journey I weighed in at 66kgs, my blood pressure was 98/56 and I was already 10 weeks pregnant. I am now sitting between 76-77.6kg depending on what I am up to and my blood pressure is up at 110/70.


Hanging pull Ups with 10kg weight


Serious selfie

Today I was scrolling through some photos for another project and came across a couple of pics earlier in the year when I was really looking string and fit and focussed.  It was so hard not to get upset looking at them because for the last couple of weeks my routine has been thrown out the window along with my eating.  You see, I suffer from depression so routine is really important to me and I find getting my training done early in the morning really helps to set up a cracker day and get my though process on track.

Not only that, I have suffered injuries in the past and sickness that had me out of action for months and months and I swore I would never take myself, body and abilities for granted again. so I unconsciously loaded all this pressure on myself. When I don’t get to train I get the madness.  Plain and simple. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or do drugs, my outlet is physical activity. And yes, I know I am pregnant but that shouldn’t matter.

I have actually felt pretty awesome health wise through this pregnancy. Strong, fit, and my eating has been pretty darn good. It’s just these off days that worry me.  So after freaking out I decided to acknowledge it and let it go. No use worrying about yesterday. What can I do now or tomorrow to fix it? That’s where I am at. Oh and I realise that those thoughts of feeling weak are just crazy ambush thoughts and are not real.  It’s that ‘fear’ trying to jump in my head and hold me back.  I am still aiming for my goal to qualify at the regional sprints after baby is born and I am in a good place now with my times. My training buddy reminded me of this. I do wonder how much better I am going to be when I come back a whole 12 kgs lighter with a working core! Now it’s those thoughts that get me going again and motivated.

I guess the lesson in all this is, acknowledge those thoughts, don’t judge, and then let them go.

Love to hear any strategies you may have for these sorts of situations…

Thanks for following me on my journey. Excited as!!!!!

H 🙂

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